About Cepelia

Our stores

CEPELIA stores offer the following goods of:

Artistic handicraft:

  • kilims
  • gobelins
  • carpets
  • furniture
  • ceramics
  • sculpture
  • painting
  • wickerwork products
  • glassware
  • jewelry
  • leatherware, etc.

Popular art and handicraft:

  • fabrics (made in various regions of the country, both utility and decorative)
  • embroidery
  • lace
  • basketry and plaitwork
  • woodwork (both utility and decorative)
  • furniture
  • potterysculpturepainting
  • colored paper cut-outscrumpled paper flower bouquets
  • „pająki” („spiders” – colored paper and wool girandoles suspended from ceiling)
  • ceremonial breads
  • regional costumes, etc.


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During the fifties CEPELIA cooperative “Brąz Dekoracyjny” restored the monument of Fryderyk Chopin that was destroyed during the World War II. The monument, placed in the Royal Baths in Warsaw, was designed in the beginning of the XXth century by Wacław Szymanowski. New, reconstructed monument was unveiled in 1958.


Fundacja “CEPELIA” - Polska Sztuka i Rękodzieło
ul. Chmielna 8, 00-020 Warszawa
tel. (022) 826-60-31, fax. (022) 826-48-54

e-mail: fundacja@cepelia.pl