About Cepelia

CEPELIA Trademark

The Chapter of the CEPELIA Trademark was established by the Resolution of the Management Board of the CEPELIA Polish Art And Handicraft Foundation of June 7th, 2001.
Upon the Chapter’s request, the Management Board of the CEPELIA Polish Art And Handicraft Foundation awards the CEPELIA TRADEMARK CERTIFICATE allowing placement of the trademark on authorized goods and merchandize groups.

Placing the CEPELIA TRADEMARK tag on goods is in order to give them a special character, a guarantee Certyfikat Marka "Cepelia"of

Certyfikat Marka „Cepelia”

origin and, in case of exporting those goods, the country of origin as the CEPELIA TRADEMARK is one of not so many recognizable trademarks associated with Poland.

The Membership of the CHAPTER:
Chairperson – Jan Włostowski
Chancellor – Jan Kałka
Secretary – Zbigniew Roliński
Stanisław Taczała
Ewa Lubowiedzka-Wortman
Secretary for Organizational Affairs – Jan Sobociński


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During the fifties CEPELIA cooperative “Brąz Dekoracyjny” restored the monument of Fryderyk Chopin that was destroyed during the World War II. The monument, placed in the Royal Baths in Warsaw, was designed in the beginning of the XXth century by Wacław Szymanowski. New, reconstructed monument was unveiled in 1958.


Fundacja “CEPELIA” - Polska Sztuka i Rękodzieło
ul. Chmielna 8, 00-020 Warszawa
tel. (022) 826-60-31, fax. (022) 826-48-54

e-mail: fundacja@cepelia.pl